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Expertise, support, assistance in the financial and asset management industry...



FD Consulting offers you pragmatic assistance and support services in line with your business.
Multiple years of combined experience in the asset servicing and financial industry in Luxembourg.
Broad professional practice through several assignments in compliance, finance or projects.
Excellent proficiency in the asset servicing and regulatory projects.

Needs for?

Advice on corporate governance and compliance, looking for a member for your Audit and Compliance committee, a compliance assessment, a ML/FT risk-based approach or a remediation plan to implement in a short period of time, AML/KYC policies to review or redesign, strengthening your finance operations and effectiveness, reviewing your forecasting process or cost management, facing a temporary shortage of qualified resources, assisting and coordinating projects.

for further discussion, the range of potential cooperation areas is broad. 

Member of:

Consultative management and expertise committed to your success

Recently : AML/KYC/CTF framework for PE/RE funds on both investors and assets sides, AML/KYC review according to the 5th AML Directive and Luxembourg 2020 regulation, assistance to remediation and recertification AML/KYC/CTF plan, real estate agent AML/KYC requirements, AIFM and PSF agreement file coordination, AIFM oversight due diligence on fund administration and TA, finance function reengineering in a fund management services company, SRDII implementation in a bank securities business line…
Central administration, internal governance and risk management review according to CSSF circulars 20/758 or 20/759.

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