Long Form Reports – Comptes Rendus Analytiques

Besoin d’assistance ?   

Compte tenu de l’impact du COVID-19 sur les entités et fonds audités ainsi que sur les auditeurs, la CSSF a décidé que le délai pour la remise des comptes rendus analytiques pourra, le cas
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Coronavirus and financial institutions or companies

How assisting you to ensure your compliance programs should respond ?   

In times of uncertainty, managing risk can be difficult. However, for financial institutions and companies, opportunities remain to mitigate from within. It is not too late
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AML/KYC : FATF Issues Guidance Paper on Digital Identity Systems

Here to assist you in assessing your compliance process.   

The FATF offers recommendations allowing the appropriate, risk-based use of reliable, independent digital ID systems by regulated entities for AML/CFT purposes.


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AML/KYC : The Financial Crime Compliance Pathway is Clear in 2020.

You need a review or a due diligence of your externalized KYC processes ??

2019 was the year of clarifying guidance from law enforcement, regulators, and anti-financial crime organizations, even if the effects of new expectations haven’t quite appeared

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AML : Clarifications on the identification of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s)

Assistance in identifying your ultimate beneficial owners according to the new circular ? 

Published on 20 December 2019, the circular aims to provide guidance to all professionals subject to AML/CFT supervision of the CSSF in relation to the

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