ML/TF Risks assessment and 5th AMLD regulation

Is your risk appetite adequately aligned with the ML/TF risk analysis of your business activities?

We may offer a compliance related hands-on experience to address such needs to assess whether the quality of the AML/CFT framework is in line

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Source of Wealth and Source of Funds (Private Banking/Wealth Management) – News for your customer risk assessment !!

Assistance to mitigate and manage your money laundering risk assessment ?

News from the Wolfsberg group

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Ready-to-use document for AML/CFT supervision in the Collective Investment Sector during the Covid-19 situation

Needing assistance in the Covid 19 situation in reviewing your AML/CTF process ?     

Find a remote training process so that all  lines of defense remain abreast of the implications of the Covid-19 situation in the fight against ML/FT.

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The last piece of the puzzle of the implementation of the 5th AML Directive

Here to assist you in assessing your compliance process.

Aspects and changes of the law of 25 March 2020 are the following:

  • Extended scope of professionals subject to AML-CTF obligations;
  • Reinforcement of the customer due diligence (“CDD”) measures applicable
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